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Expensive joke...
by Robert McRoberts


October 20, 2004

After watching how these high price engineers have taken this bridge and made it such a expensive joke, I have to say we cannot waste any more monies on that concept. That is what the engineers have wanted. They are all in Anchorage and they got their pay out of it, they do not care if we build it.

It could have been so simple to make a small bridge a few years ago before the greed for as many cruise ships to get to the docks.

Tyrell's letter is calling it right, but I feel he left out a few problems that should be taken care of. Most all of us who are trying to travel on tight budgets really hate having to drag our 70 pounds of bags up and down the ramps - most times in the pouring rain. And almost all of us going south bring back more than we left with. Another thing, if you get dropped off or you are waiting for a ride on the town side, the shelter is facing right into a southeasterly storm and there are no rest rooms for you to use just in case you have to go. On the airport side if the north wind is blowing and you could freeze in the time it takes to get on the boat. These problems should be addressed immediately unless people would care to spend all that money. The Airporter is capitalizing on the problem as best as they can, but do we care to spend more money? I would like to spend less to get out of town.

The biggest problem is that the Borough wants the bridge so I would not see them making it nicer for us to use the ferry. As a mater of fact, as a contractor doing some work over there they were trying to make it harder and more costly to get my equipment over. Even now we pulled it off ok working with the captain of the boat and his schedule. I thank him. I know someone will abuse it making it even harder and more costly the next time.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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