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Republicans are obviously smarter!
by Mark Neckameyer


October 20, 2004

I am not stupid! That is my opinion anyway and I am also not a Democrat, much to the chagrin of my left-of-Lenin, college professor Mother. In my mind the two qualities are inversely related. When I argue with Mom about politics, which happens, oh, every time we speak in election years, we have knockdown, dragouts until my father gets tired of listening and shuts us up. See, I could easily be a Democrat. I don't care about abortion and right to life issues. I'm not pro abortion but would never put anyone in jail who felt they had to have one in the first few months anyway. I am against the death penalty as I think it is unfair to poor defendants and it bothers me that it costs more to put people in prison than it costs to go to Harvard. Before you think I am completely crazy, I am for a very strong and aggressive defense program which is my one patently GOP-ish tendency.

So why am I in the Party of Lincoln? I just think that many if not most Democrats are dumb and/or their party treats them as if they had no brains at all. All the smart people I know, except for my Ph.D. Mom ...are Republicans and her excuse is maybe that she is eighty-three years old now. I want to be in with the intelligent crowd and when I tell Mom this she has a fit and asks where she went wrong as a Mother! Here is an example of one of this year's ridiculous Democrat issues for the pea-brained that I could never in a million years believe or support; "Cheap" drugs from Canada - Canada has fewer people in their entire country than we have in a few individual states but they are spread out over a much larger area than the U.S. They are also usually suffering financially .. maybe it is too cold there, too many French or whatever. The large pharmaceutical manufacturers do sell Canada some medicines at low prices as they do in the (sorry Canada!) third world. The drug companies probably figure that they have made up their costs and have made their profit here so sales to Canada are just a little extra .. accountants say they are "marginal increments of profit". If you can get a prescription from Canada maybe you can save a little but of course you have to hope the druggist is on the up and up because you can't see him or visit him and who knows what their pharmacy laws are like up there. To suggest getting all of our drugs from Canada like Senator Kerry proposes would mean U.S. drug companies would manufacture the medicines and then ship them all to Canada who would dispense them back to us a prescription at a time. This does not sound practical to me and it even smacks a bit of "outsourcing" which I thought was a Senator Kerry No! no! It obviously would not work. Who would believe such a thing?

I feel the same way about the phony "Draft is coming back" nonsense, the "Bush is going to take $500 out of your Social Security Check" fable and the magical embryonic stem-cells that practically raise the dead although they have not been proven to do anything for anyone yet. If you believe those stories are true .. you are a dope. No, if you believe those stories the odds are 999 to 1 that you are a Democrat!

Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, CA - USA



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