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by Michael McColley


October 17, 2004

No one is bulling any one. It was just one person's point of view. You know, I as a Alaskan really do want to see progress made and jobs for Alaskans. You on the other hand have been talking no bridge from another state that you have made your home. Guess what? I live here in Ketchikan.

Juneau and Sitka have their bridges A bridge in Ketchikan would open access to more property which in turn brings in more property taxes and could lower the rate of our property taxes here. A bridge could open up new resources on Gravina other than logging - like a hydro-dam for electricity and a closer road to get to Prince of Wales. There are a lot of ways it could be positive. I for one would love to drive over to the other side of Gravina and be able to launch my boat and fish the back side of Gravina.

I say let the Ketchikan people vote. Let them make their choice and I can live with that.

By the way , hello Don hope all is well. I am sure you miss fishing for Kings and our natural resources. Best wishes....

Michael McColley
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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