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by Brandi Conway


October 17, 2004

I just looked at the pictures taken and posted by Jerry Cegelske and my thoughts are wow that's just totally disgusting. Not that I have not seen the piles of trash left behind by the lazy cheap folks who rather save money than take their trash to the garbage dump.

We have a problem in the apartment complex where I live. It seems parents just don't care what their children do with their clothes, bikes, toys etc. They are laying all over the ground out front. I personally lecture my kids before they go outside to play about where they are to put their garbage. I also go over the punishment they will receive if they are caught littering. One is they are sent outside with grocery bags to pick up the trash they see on the ground. They are not to stop until the bag is full.

To stray a little off the subject, I am wondering why it seems some parents have not instilled respect into their children or common courtesy. I have had problems with my son's bike missing. Lucky for us we have found his bike each time. I have found it by a dumpster, in a playground area, and thrown over a steep cliff. Now if I personally ever caught my son doing that to someone else's property I would take his bike away, sell it or donate it to a kid who needs a bike. I am lucky to say I haven't had to do that (yet) and hopefully never will.

In my opinion I think that the littering law should be enforced more. I know you need to catch the persons doing it. From what I have seen there are specific sites that people dump at. Post a police officer or someone specifically for stopping littering at those sites. That also goes for the leash law for dogs as well as picking up your dog's poop that they leave when you take them on their potty walk. Nothing is as sick and disgusting as taking a group of children to a playground just to find it full of dog poop. Worse, when a kid falls in it cause someone buried it a little. If dog owners only realized how they put kids' health at risk for leaving it behind. We need more responsible dog owners.

I am hoping there is something we as a community can do to stop the problems with litter, dog poop and what ever else junks up the natural beauty.

Brandi Conway
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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