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Open Letter to Lt. Gov. Leman
by Bill and Samon Arnold


October 15, 2004

Dear Lt. Gov. Leman,

We call your attention to the General Election Pamphlet (page 130), specifically the paragraph following Statement of Revenues, Expenditures and Changes In Fund Balance.

It starts out as a question. The language in the following first sentence is a political statement to pursuade the reader which is political and open to argument.

Also note at that POMV is also pushed on the webpage in the same fashion.

Why is the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation advertising in the Election Pamphlet? What proposition or office are they involved in? We cannot locate anything in that regard in the pamphlet. Show us where?

Is the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation registered with APOC? If not, you have a sworn duty to force them to register and disclose all their expenditures the past couple of years to date politically influencing the POMV.

Bill and Samon Arnold
Non-Partisan Super Voters
Sterling, AK- USA


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