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Take control
by Neil Gray


October 14, 2004

After viewing many comments on drug abuse by teens and young people, and how Ketchikan apparently is not a good place to raise your kids, it prompted my own viewpoint.

All three of my sons, now grown men, were born in Ketchikan and spent most, if not all, of their lives through their teen years in Ketchikan. Drug and alcohol problems were prevalent then too. But, it escaped my sons. Why? They were active in school, baseball, bowling, and other extra curricular events. Parental interest and involvement was there too. Parents need to take an active interest in their children's lives and upbringing.

As a baseball umpire in Ketchikan Little League, I witnessed at almost every game, the same parents showing up in support of their child's activities. And, sadly enough, MOST of the kids participating had no parent in attendance.

I would still say Ketchikan and Alaska are good places to raise families. Would you rather them be in the inner city areas of LA, New York, or even San Diego? There are daily reports of gang related crime, knivings and shootings, and a lot of teen violence?

I have no regrets of where I raised my kids. I don't think they have any regrets about growing up in Ketchikan either. It all boils down to parental interest in their children's lives, and encouraging them to be involved with activities. Teach them the difference between right and wrong.

Don't blame the community. Take control, and be involved.

Or..... don't have kids.

Neil Gray
Lakeside, CA - USA



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