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Incentive Enough
by Kathleen Evans


October 13, 2004

Having read Mr. Jereschele's letter regards the inconsiderate floatplane pilots who buzz treetops and fly low and close to homes on Pennock Island convinces me that none of those same pilots lives on Pennock.

If the citizens living on Pennock Island were knowingly living at the end of an airport runway then no complaints--but, come on--they deserve some consideration from the float plane pilots. The "gentlemen, gentlewomen's agreement" referred to by Mr. Jereschele seems very reasonable. Why wouldn't a REASONABLE pilot consider it an agreement he/she could live by?

Perhaps if tourists and travelers hiring the float planes, for whatever reason, were made aware of "the problem", "the agreement", and then be made aware of the only aviation company honoring "the agreement", it might boost the charters of one company and diminish the charters of others??? Perhaps not. It is a shame that "just doing the right thing" isn't incentive enough.

Kathleen Evans, visitor
Sebastopol, CA - USA



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