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Re: Oxycontin Crisis
by Brandi Conway


October 13, 2004

I would like to respond to what Wayne Beaupre had to say about Oxycontin. I agree that it's a highly addictive drug and there is a problem here in Ketchikan. I think you're going a little too far when you blame the doctors. They prescribe the drug to people who need it, heck with some maybe it's the only one they can take. Anyway what I am saying is why hold the doctors accountable for what another person does. They prescribe the medications with a warning about it being illegal to give out or sell the meds.

One of the major problems with the drug crisis (all the drugs "legal & illegal") is that everyone is blaming everyone else or making up excuses for the guilty ones. I have had friends tell me about their boyfriends or girlfriends before. They would tell me, "Oh, he is a pot smoker and I wish he wasn't, but he is not a bad person". Okay I will give them that, maybe the person isn't a bad person - they just make poor choices. Like the ones who think it's okay to smoke a joint or whatever it is they are smoking then climb behind the wheel of a car and drive. Too many accidents have happened and ended lives because these so called 'not bad people' have made poor choices. What I am getting at is stop making excuses and blaming everyone else. Blame the guilty ones - the users, pushers, dealers, stealers.

I think we should also think of making punishment a lot steeper than what it is. I say a smack on the wrist and sending the underage ones back to mommy and daddy has got to stop. Look, either they were blind to the drug problem their child had or they just thought it was a faze or heck maybe they even used right along with them. I know a few families like that. It's time to make them pay for the crimes they commit, young or old.

Brandi Conway
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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