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Thoughts on drug use
by Archie Inoncillo


October 13, 2004

Hello all, another late night viewpoint but this time the viewpoint of a college student. As you know, I've been out of the city of Ketchikan for quite some time now going to college at the University of Idaho. It's different to see my home from a different perspective, a view of where I am not in the crossfire of the "he says/she says" and all the drama. Now that I'm not directly involved in anything I can see the picture for what it is, and it's still a lot of what I still speak of. Sure Ketchikan's youth have certain issues to be dealt with, but where it all comes down to is the home.

It has not much to do with police officers not buckling down on just giving young people smoking tickets and MCA's and MIPs and everything, and it also has nothing to do with teachers turning a blind eye if they even suspect young people going to dances intoxicated or majorly stoned, sometimes even to class completely blitzed out of their minds. This is about what happens at home. Parents, do you often know exactly what goes on with your child? Or is it that you don't mind as long as they get straight A's in school? In many cases, your perfect children aren't as perfect when it comes to the social aspect of young adulthood. In any case, a majority of education is given is in the home. From birth even to now, parents are the number one educators in the world for their children. And to make this point with purpose, the statement that should just be said is... "Parents, talk to your kids. If anytime, this is the perfect time to talk to them." Kids listen even when they don't want to hear it.

In light of drug abuse, of course young people will be doing drugs. And they always will be as long as it's something illegal, something not as easily obtainable. The fact that illicit drugs are taboo is the rush in using them and getting them. This is the rebellious spirit in a teen. And they sort of just rush into things. It's their intuition. Young people in this generation learn by experimenting and doing things right away.

And that's something that the generation before us has to realize that quite a few young people in this generation will just jump into the deep without treading the shallow end, so-to-speak. But in this, we learn quickly and know our limits most of the time. That's something about drugs as well, some people just sort of fall into it without even knowing.

I do want to express to the family and friends and everyone in Ketchikan High school that I do pray for them and do hope things get better. No one deserves such a thing. I'm hoping that something good comes out of this. Hoping that some young people do turn around. I don't expect everyone to, but I'm hoping that something like this at least touches someone enough to realize what kinds of things really do happen on our small island we call home. We are not invincible. Life is fragile and should be spent the way it should be, in pursuit of happiness but not to the point of where it endangers self and others.

Furthermore, I just want to add something for the adults. If anything is a worthy investment, it would be the education and helping the growth of your youth. You don't have to necessarily even be someone's parent to be a role model for them. I was raised by two very very good parents, but I also had a lot of very supportive adults in the community aid me in my journey. And I feel very blessed to even say that I made it this far in life. It's something like this that helps the youth realize what good adults really are. They are here to show us what the world is like, then prepare us for adulthood so we can make our own. I very much encourage adult involvement with the youth because it truly is something that helps even if they don't want it. The fact that you can tell a youth that you care and want to help, should be good enough for them. They may not necessarily want you to help in any shape or form, but in any case they do appreciate the sentiment. So if you can, at least let them know that you are there, then that should be good enough at least. Because they are truly worth the time spent.

Archie Inoncillo
Moscow, ID - USA



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