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The Borough & Loggerville
by Robert McRoberts


October 10, 2004

For over a year now the Borough or Mr. Eckert has had a problem with Loggerville. It is starting to become an expensive game for both sides. Is this not just another waste of our monies? There is nothing going on out there, and I wonder how much time and money have been wasted on this veneer mill just to find someone to run it? I like to dream too. But face it, LP built the sawmill there to help stabilize monies when the pulp market was low. It was a top of the line mill and a good job for many locals. But they tore it down for something that never made a dime. Bad investment none the less. So now you're trying to close down another small business.

Then you make some deal to trade land for something we can do without right now. If this land has no value for log storage for your dream deal, why do you not just let Loggerville move over there? The guy could then install a ramp and make it easier for visitor to see - making more money and collecting more sale's taxes. We all win then. 

It seems that in the last few years there has been a big quest to get these big companies to come to town. But are not a lot of small business just as good, if not better? We spend our money here. I can see that since Mr. Eckert makes the big money to befriend us poor working class, would it be too much to ask? Instead we get taxed for our personal property and you give that to the shipyard and non-profit groups, and so on.

I may be a little hard on Mr. Eckert but he is the boss. We really should be able to vote on his performance just as the Mayor's and Assembly's.

And also as of Oct. 1st, I became a criminal because I do not feel anyone has the right to tax a Craft Man on his tools. Especially if you do not tax all business the same. For example, tour buses are licensed vehicles and are exempt from the tax. But they're making the money and leaving town.

Well, got things to do so I can afford to live in this community.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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