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Fish or Cut Bait
by June Allen


October 10, 2004

I for one just have to say how pleased I am that Bob Ciminel has joined our ranks as a columnist for Sitnews. We Ketchikan folk too often tend to look askance at folks who aren't "one of us." But what a mistake! I first "met" Bob when we both wrote for Dave Lieben's since-terminated At first I, too, wondered what interest we could have up here in things like Bob's stories about nuclear power, railroads, for heaven's sake (in a town where children grow up without ever hearing the lonesome whistle of a train passing in the night), or in what's happening in forgawssake Georgia! And now submarines - something I confess I've never even thought about.

But through Bob's insights I began to see that we're more alike than we are different. I remember a story he wrote about an old railroad line and its route, or whatever, down there in the Deep South. See? I can't recall what the story was about, but I can't forget the emotions it left me with. I wish he'd dig it out and re-print it here.

He's an all-around-guy with professional knowledge of nuclear power plants, a railroad lover's affection for that sadly outmoded method of travel, and a gut-level interest in what's happening all over the world. Maybe we old rainbirds need need to lift up our umbrella's and share our dry space with a fellow traveler. We're all going to end up in the same place, y'know. I hope.

I'm proud to be writing for Sitnews, just like he is.

June Allen
Palmer, AK - USA



Bob Ciminel's Fish or Cut Bait Column


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