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Justice for Alaska Fishing Families
by Bill Yankee


October 08, 2004

As a Prince William Sound fisherman, who has an EXXON claim, I welcome the Knowles' proposal as something new that could just be a catalyst to force EXXON to stop their stalling proceedures. Of course such a proposal is certainly not any kind of guarantee that the Senate would buy into it, any more than Lisa Murkowski's suggestion that she would urge Congress to allow Exxon-Valdez impacted fishermen to average any income from an award.

By the way, I also welcome Ms Murkowski's income averaging suggestion, which appears to also be a last minute campaign promise.

Now I have a suggestion for whomever wins this contest - Alaska's fishermen impacted by the Exxon-Valdez spill could benefit from both of these suggestions/proposals and I urge you to push them both.

And good luck to you both in November!

Bill Yankee
Juneau, AK - USA


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