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Re: Inflamatory Ignorance doesn't help
by Lilian Filanis


October 05, 2004

Karen Ramsey can categorize my comparison of two wrongs saying I trivialized pedophilia but that is not at all what happened.  Ms Kheiry pointed to abuse of children by some priests, I think she said "leaders of the Catholic Church" In her criticism, comparing that crime with the murders, beheading and slaughter of children being committed in the name of Islamic Fundamentalism. If Karen and Leila think those offenses are equal, OK.  Most believe the Church is trying to rid itself of pedophiles but there is still quite a bit of contrast. The terrorists are trying to get nuclear weapons to destroy our cities but according to Ms Ramsey we should understand and maybe send them money to buy uranium because they have a problem in Israel?

I don't care how "desperate" (her word) the situation is in camps in Gaza. This does not give a group carte blanche to sneak around the world killing people, especially children. They do not even have the right to murder children in Israel who are innocent victims of that government in a way also.  Why not go the Martin Luther King Jr, route? The terrorists' problem may be that their goals are against the will of the majority or are unfair, like in Chechnya where the majority of the people have voted to stay part of Russia rather than joining the Taliban and returning to the 11th century.

Karen states that the killing of school children and the sabotage of planes in Chechnya had to do with a "war of independence, not religion" so I guess the way she figures, were justified.  Killing noncombatants should never be accepted in the world. Those people shot kindergarten kids in the back!  In addition to a few Chechnyans, half of the murderers they found involved in the Russian school murderers were Arabs and Al Queida terrorists. That war of independence is a war to create a fundamentalist Muslim state, their usual excuse for killing people.

There are groups everywhere that feel slighted and we can't allow them to just go off murdering people all over the world. I think that the Islamic Fundamentalism question is worse than most as they are not fighting to gain rights for themselves but rather to enslave women, bring back stoning to death for minor offences and to end modern civilized life. They want to force this on people and if they don't get their way they go half way around the world and slaughter people who never heard of them. Then, people say, "Poor babies" they are only fighting for their freedom!"

Lilian Filanis
Fairbanks, AK - USA



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