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President, not debate coach!
by Mark Neckameyer


October 04, 2004

Hello!  So much is being made of Senator Kerry's excellent performance in the Presidential Debate last Thursday that many voters seem to believe that we are electing someone to be National Debating Coach rather than President of the United States.  I am not a John Kerry Fan because I hated his Viet Nam policies back in the early 1970s and I am very leery of his ultra Liberal friends like Ted Kennedy and Tom Harkins.  Even I will admit that he did a fine job of debating last week.  He has been well prepared.
Senators debate each other.  That is what they do for a living and that is what John Kerry has done for twenty years.  Before that he was a lawyer and District Attorney.  They debate and in law school are trained to debate.  All his life Senator Kerry has been a debater going back to his experiences and interests in high school and college on his schools' debate teams.  George W. Bush was a businessman, has a Masters in Business degree and owned a fairly large business .... a Major League baseball team.  He has also been Governor of Texas for six years and of course, President of the United States for four years.
In all his jobs George W. Bush has very successfully selected, hired and when necessary fired individuals who worked for him.  He had to meet quotas, recommend and then stay within budgets.   He did not have an opportunity to do much debating as George W. was the boss, the "top dog".   Others would debate for their own plans and programs in front of him and then George W. would make the final decision.  It was like that with the Texas Ranger Baseball team, like that in the  Governor's Mansion in Austin Texas and is like that in the White House today.
John Kerry debated and then voted on ideas.  In twenty years in the Senate he did not really accomplish much.  he was not a chairman of an important committee and did not innovate any exciting legislation which would have carried his name had he done so.  That is why many Americans outside of Massachusetts had never heard of John Kerry until this year's election campaign began.  John Kerry has never hired anyone but servants I suppose.  he has not been an executive in either business or government, has not managed big budgets and has never truly been in charge of anything.  He was not a particularly hard working Senator either, missing many votes and meetings
In debate class they give you a side, a position you are to debate and you try your best to win.  The side you take has nothing at all to do with your own beliefs.  Like a lawyer, and he is a lawyer, John Kerry has been trained and is practiced in the art of arguing to win no matter what the truth may be.  He scares me.  I like the people President Bush has appointed and brought into government; Conny Rice, Don Evans, Colin Powell, Norman Minetta and many more.  From the makeup of the President's cabinet containing two Asian Americans, two African Americans, a few women and even a Democrat, that the President has cast a wide net to bring a broad spectrum of the best people into Washington DC.  That is what a President does that is most important.  He chooses people for top jobs.  That is what executives do.
Please do not forget that John Jerry IS a very liberal Democrat.  If he wins in November, all the people named above will be swept away in favor of the Senator Ted Kennedy and Senator Tom Harkins left wing types.  They debate well those Senators but with no executive experience we would be handing the reins to slick talking beginners when we are still at risk in the War on Terror.
Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, California - USA



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