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Very Little Trickle Down
by MJ Cadle


October 03, 2004

Peg Travis' questions are right on target and ones that I have been trying to find answers to myself for some time now. I called the Juneau Empire shortly before the lease was signed for the Ward Cove facility and they didn't even know that the AMHS had JUST signed a 10 year lease for its office in Juneau. The next week I saw a small line at the end of a long article about the move. It just mentioned that a lease had just been signed in Juneau. That was it. Apparently the Juneau Empire doesn't see the duplication of rents paid for the next 10 years in the same light you and I do - WASTEFUL and definitely not a cost savings. At least not to you and I.

It is interesting to note that the lease was supposedly signed WHILE negotiations were going on to move the AMHS to Ketchikan. In other words, the AMHS leadership knew the Governor was actively working to move the offices to Ketchikan but went ahead and signed a lease for their current location in Juneau anyway.

I have been told that there are no plans for the AMHS to leave the building. As for breaking the lease, if they do, I am sure there will be a lawsuit and the state could be legally liable to pay the balance of the lease anyway, plus court costs.

18 million in debt! Not surprising when you think about it.

  • Thousands or hundreds of thousands for the now 'extra' office in Juneau.
  • $75,000 for about 50 people to travel on the Kennicott compliments of the Governor.
  • Thousands for the Governor and his friends to travel to Hoonah to promote a new tourist exhibit there.
  • Thousands or hundreds of thousands to cover the costs of both docks, terminals and renovations for the two facilities the IFA uses so the IFA will look like it makes money.
  • Missed revenue because the brand new fast ferry was out of service because an engine was down (an engine that could have been ordered at a cost and time savings had it been ordered with the ferry).
  • Missed revenue because the Fairweather's new crew is not licensed for night travel. The AMHS at the Governors direction chose not to use existing crew to run the Fairweather, crew that is licensed to run at night because they wanted lower cost crew.
  • Thousands or hundreds of thousands in extra fuel costs (over and above the extra fuel the Fairweather uses in comparison to the regular ferries) to run the Fairweather because of the high cost of oil now. Most of which goes directly outside to the large oil companies, unlike dollars spent on Alaskans living in Alaska and spending in Alaska.

Interesting how it's the high cost of people that gets cut from the ferry system, the very people the Governor has sworn to serve, yet the high cost of fuel just gets paid and passed along. Our Governor and his policies are not about working class Alaskans they're all about helping his friends get what they want with very little trickle down to us.

MJ Cadle
Ketchikan, Alaska - USA


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