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by Anna Thomas Dupont


October 03, 2004

Perhaps the fox has been guarding the hen house for far too long... Let's take a look , shall we?

Who are the individuals running these organizations and who serves on the Board of Directors of ALL of these various arts committes? Who checks-out their police records, driving-while-intoxicated (putting all of our children at risk) records, domestic violence records, breaking and entering - who does the background checks, etc.? And, importantly, who is auditing and following the money trails of these organizations?

The vitriolic diatribe within your letter, exemplifies why ALL of these groups need to be throughly evaluated BEFORE millions of dollars are given to them and/or land. Not only is your letter personally attacking, it exemplifes why further investigation is needed. Things are not always as they seem.

All individuals should be willing and forthcoming, starting with the board members, employees, directors, accountants, etc. When those truths are shared, rather than a ranting opinion, the community may be willing to proceed.

And, oh yes, share their produce.

First things first,

Anna Thomas Dupont
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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