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Vote Bert Stedman
by Laura Antonsen


October 02, 2004

Democrat or Independent? I wish David Landis would make up his mind.  After announcing earlier this year (right before declaring he was running, by the way) he changed his party affiliation for unspecified and unexplained reasons, David Landis is running his campaign as if he was an "independent."  He has no loyalty to anyone for any reason.  But he is running on the Democrat ticket.  But David will vote as David sees fit if elected.  He may even try to join the Republicans, if it suits him, regardless of what his supporters thought he stood for on Election Day.

Which fence exactly is he balancing on?

I hope the voters of District 1 will see through this phony posturing and vote for the committed candidate who knows where he stands.  All the time.  I'm voting for State Senator Bert Stedman.


Laura Antonsen
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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