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Re: Why is it like this?
by Ken Lewis


October 02, 2004

Is Louise Farrakhan's 15 minutes of fame over? He was the conduit to the Muslim world. I am a bit confused. The spokesman who was allowed so much freedom to express the greatness of Allah to ignorant people like myself has been so quiet since nine eleven.

I think Ms Katz is expecting accountability by people like this. Accountability in the form of standing tall and saying what is in his heart right now. Not ducking the education process when my confusion is at its greatest.

Do not confuse what I just said as hatred and ignorance, because I was trying to be educated. I will not buy Girl Scout cookies from a Muslim Cleric. Nor will I be ignorant to how we treated a Davidian Church in Texas compared to how important it is the get the correct spelling for Mosk, Mhosk, Mollusks or how ever we are supposed to spell Compound. I will not hug my way out of this confusion, nor will eclectic music make me smarter on this issue. If I were to say all I needed to know about Japan, I learned on twelve seven, I would be viewed as shallow, unless it was 60 years earlier.

I believe it is time to raise our little boys to grow up and be Men. I have had enough of this get in touch with your inner child decade followed by a decade of in touch with your feminine side bunk. We are producing what is now referred to as Metro-Sexuals. I do not get that either? Educate me please. Men spending as much time on their hair as women and crying over any other movie than King Kong is wrong. This is how I see it. Some people get their non original thoughts at places like Middle East Media Research Institute to be informed, others let Dan Rather help them think.

I will continue to buy my cookies from girls I can trust. God could play shortstop on my team any day.

Ken Lewis
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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