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AMHS Fuel Surcharge
by Hunter Davis


October 01, 2004

So, AFTER the tourist season, with those very full sailings and abbreviated schedules due to the loss of the LeConte, the AMHS is adding a fuel surcharge to staterooms and vehicles. So now we will be paying three surcharges for one trip.

There are not that many outsiders riding the ferries during the winter (right?), so it is Southeasters who will be paying more, again. I'm all for user fees, if you want to use it, you pay for it, but the timing of this rate hike, announced the day before it goes into effect...? Why not just create a steerage class for residents, and let the visitors get the staterooms?
The reasoning is that the price of fuel is bound to go up, so this is a preemptive rate hike that will be dropped when fuel prices drop. I have yet to see a government agency that voluntarily gives up money, even after a crisis of vision and planning is past.

Too bad we can't dispatch the ferry as a private yacht, like the Governor. Who did not even ride on it. A sailing that cost 74,000 dollars according to the front page of Ketchikan Daily News.

Hunter Davis
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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