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Alaska Day - October 18th


October 18, 2003
Saturday - 3:45 pm

Today is Alaska Day. This day commemorates the formal transfer of Alaska from Russia to the United States and the raising of the U.S. flag at Alaska's first capital in Sitka on Oct. 18, 1867.

The name Sitka, or "Shee Atika" in Tlingit meaning "people on the outside of Shee ("Shee" being the Tlingit name of Baranof  Island). Sitka was the site of  the historic transfer of Alaska from Russia to the United States, and the location of Alaska's first capital. The capital was later moved from Sitka to Juneau in 1906 while Alaska was still a U.S. territory.

Old Capital Buildings - Sitka
Tlingit canoe in front of government buildings, Sitka, Alaska, 1914
Carved and painted canoe pulled up onto grass beside cannons facing the waterfront, across the road in the background are several multistoried buildings flying the American flag; merchant tents are set up on the sidewalk in front of the buildings
Asahel Curtis Klondike-Alaska Collection - University of Washington Libraries


Sitka Harbor between ca. 1900 and ca. 1930
Forms part of: Frank and Frances Carpenter collection (Library of Congress).
Gift; Mrs. W. Chapin Huntington; 1951. Library of Congress


Birdseye view of 'Indian town', Sitka, Alaska, ca. 1888
View of Sitka known as Indian town, ca. 1886-1890.
In distance part of old Russian fort can be seen.
Edward De Groff Collection - REPOSITORY University of Washington Libraries



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