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State targets innovative strategies for Alaska hire


October 08, 2003
Wednesday - 12:50 am

Murkowski administration labor officials are launching a new program, the Investment Strategy initiative, to encourage "outside the box" thinking that will foster innovative proposals to increase job opportunities for Alaskans.

Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development Greg O'Claray said that hiring more Alaskans for good jobs is a Murkowski administration priority and the driving force behind the Investment Strategy.

"When this governor says Alaska hire is at the top of the agenda he means it," O'Claray said. We expect resident and non-resident employers, and organized labor as well, to be active, hands-on Investment Strategy supporters and participants.

"With the Murkowski administration emphasis on Alaska hire and the launch of the initiative, it is anything but 'business as usual' in the Department of Labor."

The commissioner added, "Early this year a new Division of Business Partnerships was established to develop state-federal agreements to expedite new employment and training projects."

Katherine Farnham heads the division, headquartered in Anchorage. She said funding the program will get priority attention, commenting, "We're focused on Governor Murkowski's commitment to make government processes more efficient, more accessible and definitely more business-relevant."

Commissioner O'Claray said, "The Investment Strategy will be streamlined, cost-effective and customer driven. Instead of four or five different requests for proposals going out at different times from different offices, we are issuing one simplified proposal request.

"We intend to ensure that high quality job-linked training is available to prepare Alaskans for high demand and good wage jobs." The plan addresses high-priority industry sector jobs in Alaska with funds for job-training projects committed to internships, on-the-job (OJT) training and customized, industry-specific training.

Farnham said the division will emphasize partnerships and linkage with local economic development plans, including manufacturing, new mine projects and expansion of port facilities. Applications and information are available online.

Farnham added, "The Division of Business Partnerships will be engaging business, industry and economic development partners over the next several weeks. We want to enlist their support and help in creating training projects that ensure Alaskans are being prepared for good jobs in priority industries."

Farnham said the program will initially target these industries:

  • Health care: nursing positions at all levels, pharmacy and medical record technicians, dental assistants, surgical technologists, bill-coders
  • Information technology: database development, network design, web development, network support specialists, web development and administration internet workings, technicians, IT project management
  • Construction: carpenters, electricians, plumbers, helpers, welders, painters, paperhangers, operating engineers, roofers, landscaping, grader, scraper operators
  • Seafood: refrigeration and maintenance mechanics, maintenance electricians, HVAC technicians, HAACP personnel, Baader technicians
  • Education: instructional Para educator professionals, tutor-advisors
  • Hospitality: hotel workers, office managers, culinary arts
  • Transportation: aircraft mechanics, commercial truck drivers, transportation agents, heavy equipment mechanics, dispatchers, vessel and tug mates, masters, engineers, oilers and pilots.


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