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The Ketchikan Elections

By David G Hanger


September 15, 2022

Well, the soap opera that is the Dallas Cowboys came to a conclusion Sunday night, morphing in to the ‘Mike McCarthy Retirement Tour.’ Oh yawn. (Look yonder in San Diego’s way the pundits say.) That soap opera concluded let us at least to the prelims of our local annual soap opera add a touch of ginger and spice.

Borough Mayor: “College Boy” started his elective career by insulting and degrading all college men and women and all of the parents and grandparents who financed them by claiming college credibility on the basis of a few courses at the local community college. A gun nut, suffering from one of the worst cases of SDS I have ever seen, he puffs up three weeks wandering around the Panamanian jungle, and uses his very short military career as a wedge to impress, not understanding that service is all that matters; it is the simple, manly thing to do; and so many of his predecessors who had so much more to claim never collectively tooted their horns to the degree this clown does. Religion to him is a foundation for hate, indeed appears to be all that religion is to him, a means to separate them from him and the other anointed. He hates gays and clearly believes they do not have equal rights before God, man, or the law.

Anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-intellectual, he is the epitome of the intolerant type of individual to whom virtually all others, i.e. those not of the flock, hence about 99.9999% of the rest of humanity, are to him and his “UNTERMENSCH.” Rodney Rangerfield does not impress me at all; he is a very boring and common type whose primary trait is intolerance.

Nonetheless, he will probably cake-walk to re-election because his competition is asleep at the wheel, and none of us even know who the hell she is.

Let us hope the rest of the Borough Assembly neutralizes him and holds his worst impulses in check.

Borough Assembly: For all practical purposes Joshua Titus has disqualified himself from any consideration for public office. A parrot clearly wed to the “Joseph Goebbels School of Journalism,” he has no analytical or evaluative ability whatsoever, so goes off on a tirade of hating lefties, Joe Biden, and oh, don’t teach my kids anything in school I don’t want them to know. (Beep. Beep. That is a big part of what school is supposed to be, Titus, i.e. social integration by in substantial measure debunking the nonsense one hears at home.) Joshua comes across as narrow-minded as one can get, and even more intolerant. This boy has an agenda, and that agenda is the Calvary Bible Church. I don’t give a damned what church you go to, Joshua, but the fact that you stick that in everybody else’s face like you are somehow special is disgusting. Joshua is incapable of working for the community because his agenda will always be what someone else tells this parrot to believe, and that in large measure will be what the tin horn politician at Calvary Bible Church has as his agenda.

No chance whatsoever this clown works for the people. He is of the chosen, and the rest of us do not count in his simpleton world.

Austin Otos, a definite yes. Doubt I will agree with him with frequency on many issues, but that is not the point. He is stable and does not appear to have any agenda beyond local public service. Given the alternatives, that is enough.

Glenn Thompson has a history about which I do have some reservations, but I don’t think he is out of his tree. His other opponent is unfamiliar to me, and like I said these are the prelims. I think Joshua is a definite hell no!!!, and Austin a definite yes.

So who gets the rest of the bacon? The two of you need to come out of your hidey-holes and tell us more. By default you are in the finals, but only one of you will come out on top. Which will it be?

School Board: A very clear contrast between Tom and this Robb Arnold character shows up in the photographs. Tom’s photo is here I am and ordinary, projects calmness, self-deprecation, and a casual confidence. Go Tom. Robb Arnold’s photograph is the worst political candidate photo I have ever seen; chin stuck out, nose in the air; projecting smugness and arrogance, and his verbal presentation considerably reinforces that first impression. Another Bible thumper from the Calvary Bible Church whose first agenda will always be that of the carny con who tells him what to believe. There is no possibility the blindly self-righteous have any interest in educating your children; Robb’s only interest is indoctrinating them, brainwashing them with his religious blather.

Sorry Robb, I was confirmed decades before you were even born, and you are not and I doubt ever will be a better Christian than I. There is no hate at all in my Christianity, and there is nothing but hate in yours. To you religion is a weapon determining who you hate, who you segregate into something forever less than you. Robb Arnold is poison; do not let him poison your children’s brains.

Still one seat up with two others still in their hidey-holes. If you really want the job, use the tools available to communicate with your prospective voters. We really do not need Robb Arnold taking this by default, so get off your dead ones and show us your stuff.

City Council: Fire all current members of the City Council. What a worthless bunch!!! Down here for my annual medical I have watched a road construction crew tear this four-lane road in front of this place clear down to the ground, replace all the underlayment, then pave four lanes for a mile-and-a-half with a crew of 12 in 95 degree heat; and they did all of this in less than 10 days. And they did it on a very busy street with very limited traffic disruption. Why? Because local cops know how to direct traffic, and do. Damn, sure not something a cop could ever do in Ketchikan.

I am sure Lallette Kistler is a fine person and all of that, but she is also a sycophant who is completely sold out to the city manager and to city government. She thinks she is ‘management,’ and will always be supportive of management rather than the citizenry, which clearly already she is incapable of seeing. This is a city manager who claims to be an engineer but apparently is not tuned in to the basic engineering realities that a road surface that is crap tears hell out of the undercarriages of all vehicles, and leaves the citizens of this town with untold thousands of dollars in unnecessary vehicle repairs.

The main street of your town is crud, but city management and your City Council cannot see themselves clear to fix it because it interferes with tourist traffic. In the meantime the tourists have had brand-new roads and sidewalks several times over. Fire Lallette Kistler and fire Mark Flora.

And then this sales tax thing! This does nothing more than makes the City Council and the city manager de facto employees of John Binkley and Godspeed, Inc., adding at least a six-point spread to cost of goods sold to tourists in the city limits over what Binkley has to pay. That is beyond crass. That is corrupt. To just give the industry to a carpetbagger who is using government money to stiff everyone is as rotten as one could possibly get. Sold out for how much, just out of curiosity? Or are you really that stupid? Fire Lallette Kistler and Mark Flora.

Kudos to Dion Booth and Kevin Kristovich for their presentations. Good photos, too. I don’t know Dion, but he says some good things. I want to hear more. There are two slots open, so if you get rid of the incumbents, at least one of these guys needs to serve, if not both. In the first instance they are saying what I want to hear: They want to emphasize the people in this town, not just the damned tourist industry. What does that mean? Let’s hear some specifics. Like in you will get around to fixing Tongass Avenue now. Like in you will not make the downtown tourist industry non-competitive with Binkley’s carpetbaggers in Ward Cove. Etcetera.

I have known Kevin Kristovich a long time, a good man. Hard-working, not the brightest bulb on the tree, but compared to Riley Gass he is a genius. Kevin has come up through the school of hard knocks, many perhaps self-imposed, but in the last 20 years I have seen this guy mature, and he is quite capable of sound judgment. Can he be manipulated by these people, which is what happens with most of our City Councils, that part I do not know. Spine requires testing, and Ketchikan has never been a place where spines are grown to any great degree. Some return with them to be sure. Kevin will have to tell us about that.

Jamie King is still hiding in that hidey-hole; must not be a serious individual, insulting all of us by running for office without wanting to inform us why.

On Proposition One vote –NO-. At-large elections are just area-wide student council popularity contests. The council-manager system was intentionally designed in 1893 to ensure whites only participation in local government as chosen by local business interests, i.e. Chambers of Commerce. It works quite effectively toward achieving that purpose. This is not real politics. Real politics is this neighborhood needs this and that neighborhood needs that, and each needs its representative to dicker and negotiate, to trade tit-for-tat in the furtherance of much fairer and proportionate resource allocation of public resources. One Assembly member per precinct involves everyone in politics down to the block level because everyone has a dime in the pot. Vote –NO-.

On Proposition Two vote –NO-. Are you out of your minds? I have my own library plus access to several other specialty libraries unlike anything available in town. One of these, for example, specializes in Mayan culture, and here a couple months ago I began learning how the Mayan hieroglyphic language worked. That is not available in K-town. I do not use the public library, never have, again because I am immersed in specialty libraries for purposes of scholarship. I absolutely and unquestionably support the need for our local public library, and I have contributed many books to it. Grow up; only idiots do not enthusiastically support their local public library.

As a quick side note I do agree with John Harrington, though. Sexuality in children emerges slowly starting maybe about the time they are nine years old, but not really developing consequentially for at least another five or six years. The girls are a little faster out of the blocks, but there is no reason to encourage that nonsense. It’s gonna happen anyway; the adults’ job is to put a few speed bumps in the way to slow it all down a bit, not accelerate by presenting incomprehensible nonsense to under-developed minds.

Before age ten, taboo truly. Prudence, folks.

Send the Bible thumpers home to thump their Bibles instead of thumping your kids and your wallets. The crusade these clowns are on is called by Ron DeSantis “The Full Armor of God Crusade,” more succinctly described by Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin (perhaps the one man in the US Congress dumber than Louie Gohmert) as the need to remove from all public places now and forever all liberals, gays, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, all non-fundamentalist Christian sects, libertarians, communists, socialists, and all conservatives not in alignment with the MAGA crowd. To put it bluntly these people have an agenda, and they are bat shit crazy. Neither Joshua Titus nor Robb Arnold has any intention of representing you or this community. Theirs is an agenda of absolute hate pretty much for everything and everybody who isn’t just like them; and no one is.

So two to the discard pile and two to fire for cause. Let’s hear more from the rest of them.

David G Hanger
Ketchikan, Alaska




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