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By David G Hanger


September 25, 2019
Wednesday PM

KPU wants to blow $11.5 million of your dough (and increase prices accordingly) on what effectively is an act of petulance on which it is guaranteed in advance there will be NO RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

Bob Sivertsen does not know squat about telecommunications, period. All he is spewing is the nonsense Herr Reichskanzler Amylon has given him to spew, and it comes close to being pure nonsense.

I do not know squat about telecommunications either, but I know how to pick up a phone and call some real experts who are not trying to fleece you for $11.5 million.

The key concept to grasp is LOW EARTH ORBIT SATELLITES, a vast multitude of which have already been launched, and I am told by the experts these will displace fiber optic cable and pretty much everything else commencing now.

Fiber optic cable was a big deal 20 years ago, and piggybacking on GCI’s fiber optic cable costs KPU fees plus they don’t like GCI. Extra fiber optic cable is nice, so the experts say, but they are also emphatic that it is old technology in process of immediate replacement.

KPU’s petulance toward GCI should not have to cost the community $11.5 million in essentially wasted expense.

One thing good old boy Bob does not want you to know or to think about is that all this proposal will do is tie into B.C. Tel’s fiber optic cable running through British Columbia, and B.C. Tel will be collecting big fees from KPU for this piggybacking. Trading piggybacks is not a rational excuse for blowing $11.5 million.

Furthermore, B.C. Tel’s system is subject to flooding, avalanche, landslide, and other so-called acts of God that could eliminate service for extended periods.

Good old boy Bob is, of course, really lying through the mush in his mouth when he attempts to assure you this project’s $11.5 million cost will not cost you anything because fees will be increased to cover the bond costs. JFC, this guy really thinks you are all a bunch of dummies.

At best this project needs a whole lot more vetting. This is typical Amylon crap, trying to jam his ideas down your throats without giving anyone time to think about it.

Fiber optic cable is old news, so before blowing $11.5 million all of us need to know more. It is time to start internet searches about LOW EARTH ORBIT SATELLITES. What I am advised is in short order this will replace pretty much all of this stuff.

So why blow $11.5 million now? For all his pretense Karl Amylon is not God. Do not forget the failed microwave project of recent vintage. This will be a similar disaster, just a lot more costly.

Call your friends and tell them to vote NO on Proposition 2. Any time Amylon is trying to jam something down your throats there is something wrong with it. This proposed project needs considerably more vetting and research before going forward, and that should be done by someone other than Amylon and his lackeys.


David G Hanger
Ketchikan, Alaska


Editor's Note:

The text of this letter was NOT edited by the SitNews Editor.


Received September 24, 2019 - Published September 25, 2019

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