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By David G Hanger

September 12, 2018
Wednesday AM

Only two things of real consequence have emerged from the Brett Kavanaugh hearings: 1) First is the fact that Kavanaugh repeatedly lied to Congress about his criminal involvement in and use of stolen government documents during the Bush Jr. administration. These repeated lies to Congress are sufficient in and of themselves to impeach this extremist ideological cretin from his current judgeship, and definitely disqualifies him for consideration as a legitimate Supreme Court Justice; 2) There are no laws telling a man what he can do with his body, a simple fundamental fact. Yet Kavanaugh, despite his denials to the contrary (all lies) does not believe that Roe v Wade is the law of the land, and is in fact looking forward to the opportunity to overturn Roe v Wade at the earliest moment possible.

How many of you out there are aware that this is not a Christian country? There has been only one “Christian” country established on this continent, that being the Confederate States of America which institutionalized in its Constitution both slavery and Christianity, essentially in concert.

You are free to practice your religion all you want to, and I am just as free to laugh at you and your glossolalia, snake charming, hand-holding, groupthink nonsense. In 1840 about 93% of the people in this country, not counting slaves or indigenous populations, were Protestants who were quick to demonstrate their intolerance toward Catholics, Jews, and anyone else different from them. They have been fighting a losing battle ever since as the numbers of non-Protestants and even non-Christians has swelled.

And though they all be demons……, that is what you teach, of course. Jesse DuPlantis needed $55 million for a new jet plane so that he could spread the ‘word’ while he was away from his colossal mansion, most assuredly necessary spouted the likes of Joel Osteen and Howard Copeland because, and there was no hesitation about this, all the people who fly on commercial airlines are demons.

In other words if we don’t agree with you, we are a demon(s). It started with we don’t have souls. When we die we just disappear, and only the chosen, those who collectively agree about the “ONE WAY” will move on to heaven. For the rest, it’s just POOF! In addition now we are demons.

I am sorry, but I am not impressed by anyone who needs a tin horn politician garbed in a preacher’s cloak to do their thinking for them. Most of them long since deserted concern for God and the next world to manipulate you in this one. We won’t even discuss the priests.

Nor am I impressed by anyone who thinks their way of seeing things, doing things, believing things, etc., is the only way, the “ONE WAY,” for already in your very beliefs you have consigned all the rest of us to irrelevance and to non-existence. Only you have a soul.

That by the way is also step number one toward justifying killing your neighbors. Because they don’t agree with you. Because they are different from you. Much easier when they are soulless as well. Get them demons.

Lisa Murkowski claims to be pro-choice. She is a liar, and she is about to sell out all of the women in the United States who believe they, not some damned government and its rat-faced minions (chasing demons), should be in charge of their own bodies.

I despise abortion just about as much as I despise Lisa Murkowski, I’m not going to make any bones about that. The Duchess of the Duchy of Murkowski is a silverspoon sell-out, daddy’s little girl, whose gravitas has been and is limited to being window dressing for Mitch McConnell, the ugliest man in the history of the world, a perfect reflection of the complete rot that is his soul. To him the Constitution of the United States is so much toilet paper already excoriated by his filth.

And Lisa is Mitch’s little girl, the showpiece that dangles over his left shoulder in all the propaganda pics. Lisa will sell all you women down the river just to get another munch of that bag of mulch.

I hate abortion. There is absolutely nothing about it I like. With the exception of rape, incest, and medical necessity most abortions occur because of unprotected sex or, if protected, because of an “accident.” In other words for the most part because of individual stupidity. So because of a bunch of stupid damned horny-toads who lack the sense to be concerned with consequences we have created a political issue of such divisiveness that the super-rich use it for that specific purpose while they steal the rest of us blind and prepare us for a hereditary autocracy.

Lisa Murkowski is Mitch McConnell’s creature, a play dough doll that he malleably stages when he tools around for the cameras. No reason whatsoever to believe she won’t cravenly surrender to whatever that pig wants; and a continuance of divisiveness while he and his buddies run off with all the dough is what that monster is all about. And Lisa is a banker’s daughter, so I think the sense of entitlement puts her way beyond any possibility of redemption.

It is not my choice; it is not the government’s choice; it has to be the individual woman’s choice what she does or does not do with her body. It is no one else’s business, and it damned sure is no religion’s business. You are free to believe what you want to believe, but what you believe is just what you believe. It has nothing to do with anyone else or their right to choose freely for themselves. Hard, ain’t it? That what you believe is not in fact sacrosanct, nor is it even sacred.

Hence, the mantra and the law, abortion should be safe, legal, and rare. It is a woman’s individual right to choose, and if you don’t believe that, I don’t think you really believe in either the country or its Constitution.

Brett Kavanaugh believes that he can get together with four other bully boys and change the law by fiat, and once appointed that will be accomplished within six to fifteen months.

If you don’t believe that people who think and/or follow those who actually believe that the people who fly on commercial airlines are all demons are capable of immediately making the jump to filing murder charges against as many women who have had abortions as they can get their hands on, you are a fool.

And the back-alley butchers are back in business.

Lisa Murkowski is a fraud who has claimed pro-choice status to get your vote. She is now going to sell you out to maintain her status as play dough for a monster. That is the only choice she has ever been capable of making; she does what the daddy-figure tells her to do. Watch and learn.

Hark, there be murderers amongst us; and demons, too. Hell, who needs science or reason when such evil is abounding? Remember, 41% of adult Americans believe the Egyptians, the Pyramids, and the dinosaurs coexisted. A ripe bunch for anyone’s goon squad.

That will be Lisa’s Choice for us all.

David G Hanger
Ketchikan, Alaska



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Received September 09, 2018 - Published September 12, 2018

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