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Beware! USPS Will Not Go Up Hills!

By Megan Heaton


September 13, 2017
Wednesday PM

We live at 5109 Surprise Beach Court, and like many of the property owners out in this area, we have been developing and building on our property.

There are several areas of growth that have happened in the South Tongass Area, such as the Gold Nugget Subdivision, Homestead Development, Seawatch Subdivision, Ravenwood Subdivision, Rainforest Sanctuary, Forest Park Subdivision and Surprise Beach Court.

Our quest for mail service started over two years ago. We requested, at our expense a "cluster box" to be positioned up by the four plex buildings and residential homes. Our main reason was a safety issue.

Here are the Ketchikan Postmaster's three reasons for refusing mail service to our development:

  1. We don' want to expand our route
  2. Our road is not a drive through road
  3. No place to turn around

It was pointed out to the Postmaster that they have expanded their route several times in the recent past. Our road has a large turn around area for the driver to pull straight ahead to turn around and leave. If the Mountain Point Fire Department can turn their 35' fire truck around, then I'm sure a small postal truck can manage to do it.

I also requested assistance from Congressman Don Young's office. His office corresponded with Marketing Manager Dawn Peppinger, out of Anchorage. she gave a whole new set of reasons why the United States Post Office is refusing service. Here are her three reasons for refusing mail service to our development.

  1. Will not authorize backing of postal vehicles as part of a carrier's line of travel
  2. There is an INCLINE
  3. the road has no city maintenance

These excuses are vague and without merit. Ms. Peppinger, apparently has never seen Ketchikan! If the driver can't drive on any roads with an INCLINE, that means up any hills, that would stop mail deliveries for most of the island! Now, the drivers aren't allowed to backup? When did that start? As for the maintenance, there are no roads in the Borough that have city maintenance. Ms. Peppinger can contact the Borough Government to verify this.

I would also like to point out that since my husband and I started requesting mail service and seeking outside help, the United States Postal Service has refused to deliver my mail. Their claim was that they did not know where we were or could not find our mailbox. Really? It's been there for twenty five years? Now they are throwing my mail in the garbage. The mail was from the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Finance Department and they were mailing our quarterly tax forms.

The United States Post Office has had one flimsy excuse after another about the way they do their business. We want it known how they are treating the public.

Please contact us if you have similar issues with the United States Postal Service It's time for them to start answering honestly. We can be reached at 907-225-6382 during the day.

This is a quote from Deputy Inspector Tammy Whitcomb on 3/4/2014: "Delivering mail & parcels anywhere in the United States, regardless of geography, is the Postal Services primary responsibility to the American people."


Megan Heaton
Ketchikan, Alaska


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Received September 01 & 05, 2017 - Published September 13, 2017

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