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Have you read the amendments?

By A. M. Johnson


September 29, 2016
Thursday PM

Editor Sitnews,

You will recall recently a letter to Joe Miller was published in your good online news. In it it was alluded to that a follow up letter to Senator Murkowski would be sent to Mr. Miller via your services.

At this time that letter is being sent to you as it has to Mr. Miller. Hopefully the reading public will relate to the initial letter s content. Were that not the case a short version of the letter to Mr. Miller is added here.

A.M. Johnson
Ketchikan, Alaska


Mr. Miller (Joe)

The following letter was sent to Senator Murkowski s office asking for clarification of the consequence of successful passage of the involved legislation. As there are 393 amendments attached the thinking is similar to the Obama Care act and other large thousand page legislative packages that are dealt with UNREAD prior to passage. It is the consequence of this horrid habit of Congress that mirrors the current public outrage at the abuse of power when such legislation is bundled in a form that ignores with intent, the concerns of the public. You can not have legislation of this magnitude containing that many amendments and obtain the goal of the original legislation never the less if it is Good Legislation or Bad Legislation .

For sure editor, as a single citizen inquiring, will not be feared by Senator Murkowski or the intent of the full legislation, The frustration release is through your good column and a cc to Candidate Joe Miller who may find the content worth discussion. (Not sent to Joe as a supporter, rather as believing he is the only one who, like Trump, would challenge the status quo (Murkowski) as it relates.


Senator Murkowski,

As often the case, business of the Congress is held in the dark. Intentionally or not, never a good move. Here, coming to you via the Canadian Free Press, is such an animal. Would you please assure me and those who take the time to read this letter to the Editor of Sitnews, that you are fully aware of the 393 amendments and how they relate to the legislation in the overall?

If the comments by Mr. Kogan are accurate, there are huge amounts of damning actions that will affect a large number of private eternities, Federal holdings, and more, cede US Constitutional control to the U.N. Actions such as this legislation confirm Global Intent and again brings the charge that you harbor global control over our Constitutional government. Tell me that is not accurate and then provide the protections within this article to support that position. I do not believe you will be able.

Please reference this submission within your response as the public often not able to read Government Speak will not recognize the response without same.



Excerpt-By Lawrence Kogan Bio and Archives September 17, 2016

A massive 792-page Senate Energy Committee bill threatens to authorize federal bureaucrats to cede extensive control over western state water and property rights, energy development and forest management to Native American tribes, local UN sustainability councils and radical environmentalist groups. Certain provisions could undermine the foundations of our nation from within our nation.

S.2012, the North American Energy Security and Infrastructure Act of 2016, incorporates some 393 amendments. Incredibly, it is being driven forward by U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and other members of Congress behind closed doors. Probably very few have read the bill in its entirety. Virtually none understand its likely impacts on western and other rural land, water and property rights, potentially throughout America, or on the families and communities whose lives will be upended.

This secretive approach with no opportunities for meaningful public examination or comment, even by those who will be most affected is almost unprecedented. It could well become another example of we have to pass it to find out what s in it. But numerous people will have to live with the consequences, while the authors and implementers walk away exempted, unscathed and unaccountable.- - - - - - -

Full article:


A.M. Johnson
Ketchikan, Alaska

Received September 27, 2016 - Published September 29, 2016

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