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Open Letter to Joe Miller

By A.M. Johnson


September 23, 2016
Friday AM

Thumbs up and thank you Mr. Miller. You will not recognize my name and that is expected. I and a recently passed friend, Bob Pickrell, visited with you and your entourage at a gathering at the Point a couple of years ago regarding your desire to test the waters for another entry to the political landscape. Both of us urged you drop the issue as in our opinion, you had tainted your reputation with personal issues, real or imagined. Not any personal slant there, just our position.

In retrospect looking at the prism of today's political scene, any and all of that and worst, is a job enhancement. Having stated this from the perspective of trying each and every day living an honest life for my own salvation, family reputation, community perspective, knowing a greater power is watching.

I did not support Murkowski due to many issues, too many to list. She is often the subject of letters to her attention voicing objection. Responses are so convoluted as to be of little value. (Although I enjoy a visiting relationship with Frank and Nancy -- family acquaintance going way back!)

With that stated, an issue of legislation supported by Senator Murkowski brings to light an example of what is wrong in Washington. This issue will be sent to you, to the Senator, and to our local online news blog - Sitnews.

The subject may well be of interest to you Mr. Miller and your council assuming that the intent of your running is parallel to the stated position of candidate Trump professing transparency in government.

There was once in the recent congressional past (Newt Gingrich) that ALL LEGISLATION PRESENTED FOR CONSIDERATION MUST BE LED WITH, WHERE IN THE CONSTITUTION THE LEGISLATION IS ALLOWED. That effort fell by the wayside quickly as it became apparent that was a limiting control on desired outcomes.

Please, I am retired from active participation at any level outside of contribution to views that mirror mine within reason.


A.M. Johnson
Ketchikan, Alaska

Received September 22, 2016 - Published September 23, 2016


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