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RE: Americans must get solidly behind Clinton

By Joe O'Hara


September 21, 2016
Wednesday AM

The September 14th letter "Americans must get solidly behind Clinton" is essentially my letter "Americans must get solidly behind Trump" that appeared in SitNews on August 29th.

The difference is that the writer has transposed the names Clinton/Trump and the terms democrat/republican, and has included the following quote at the very end of his letter:

"When you can replace each statement of a candidate's name with the opposing candidate and have the statement ring true, it's not very convincing."

The above quote is true, if both candidates are equally qualified - or even equally not-qualified.

But when one carefully examines the qualifications - or unqualifications - of all candidates, it becomes obvious that the 'minus' and the 'plus' columns for each are vastly different. Some examples:

  • I am a strong advocate of Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson's proposal to use the FAIRtax(sm), but simply can't get behind most of the rest of his platform. A Minus!
  • Clinton has said that she will continue the policies of the current administration ... which are simply not working. She professes an open-borders policy that will ultimately help decimate Americas' already fragile economy and severely compromise the security of the American people. She emphasizes things like climate-change rather than things like creating well-paying jobs for Americans. She talks-the-talk regarding her policies, but doesn't walk-the-walk. A Big Minus!
  • Trump does walk-the-walk. He addresses the problems confronting America, and proposes solutions to those problems. I'm not crazy about his proposed childcare plan, which - granted - is desperately needed, but is a massive entitlement which could cost Americans big bucks. Hopefully, details of his proposal can be worked out. A Plus!

So, the writer's above quote - in this instance - does not "... ring true, it's not very convincing."

Thank you.

Best regards,

Joe O'Hara
Ocala, Florida

Received September 16, 2016 - Published September 21, 2016


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