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CAVE People

By A. M. Johnson


September 08, 2016
Thursday PM

Editor Sitnews,

It is suggested that reality encourages the gathering of souls in a uproar for the purpose of Deer Mountain logging, in a positive step. Form a Committee. Forming a committee assures the participants the satisfaction of making the effort. The goal if success is not achieved, is to be viewed as having made that effort and feel good about it. A committee requires a proper title to clearly give the listening public guidance to the committee's intent.

There is an existing acronym CAVE which is offered. Citizens Apposing Virtually Everything. This being offered as the names published of the current citizens and represented environmental groups seem to resonate from past such actions.

Noted it must be, that these same folk were silent as the Ketchikan Gateway Borough participated in the recent logging efforts at 10 miles North Tongass where the current language of forbidden applies regarding the impact logging below Deer Mountain being visual.

Each and every tourist bus traveling North to various locations pass this clear-cut in close proximity to the highway each and every summer day. Any outrage by these visitors to the scene of clear-cut logging on record?

One can only assume NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) mentality in play here.

Speaking for the record. Log it! For the purpose that Mental Health services are provided by legislative mandate. The up side, besides a viable second growth, is the potential of development. Roosevelt Drive, Bear Valley, D-Loop Road, as examples of now residential formal logged areas.

Russ Webb's letter regarding the responsibility of the trust is clear in the mandate, Disagreement with the intent and process offers established legal recourse to oppose.

Given the mental (nice word) picture of CAVE standing on the water front dock pounding on garbage can lids and cat calling into the Southeast wind, the current crop of written efforts reflect little success.


A.M. Johnson
Ketchikan, Alaska

Received September 08, 2016 - Published September 08, 2016

About:"Agree with the 17th English political philosopher: Reality is hell seen too late"

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