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Open Letter: Dear Delta and Future Delta Fliers

By Derek Meister


September 15, 2015
Tuesday PM

In the interest of veracity, it will suffice to say here that prior to the writing of this final letter regarding our experiences with Delta Airlines, there were indeed several very bizarre and disappointing events that occurred including, but not limited to, compensatory letdowns and wholly unexplainable phone call redirections to apparently scam-oriented sweepstakes prizes. And then it all changed.

We were finally contacted some days ago by what we would immediately recognize as an exceptionally kind, refreshingly human and very concerned ambassador of Delta Airlines. This individual very quickly, very professionally and completely satisfactorily set aright our immensely disturbed faith in the company. As it happened, by the time we d finally connected with each other, we had all but given up hope. We had resigned ourselves to a future of dedicated storytelling that would at the very least warn others that Delta was not to be trusted.

That said, there is still a small and fast dwindling part of me that feels the whole story must be shared for all to audience. Like I ought to elaborate on the last shortcomings so that others might be fairly warned of the potential service pitfalls inherent in negotiating a corporate entity with over 80,000 employees. Instead, I ve elected to speak from another place: the place that has finally been availed and is freshly temperate, optimistic and excited about the future living with Delta Airlines here in Southeast Alaska.

In conversation with a very good friend after the submission of our first letter, I was confronted about our public sharing regarding Delta s until that time- unsatisfactory handling of our situation. He said, and with genuine concern, that it was time to write something positive about Delta. His agenda in saying this was to have us contribute to the preservation of healthy business competition created by Delta s return to Alaska. He said, We need them around to help create cheaper flight fares for everyone. My response at that time was heavily to the contrary.

I was and am sympathetic to the very real competitive air that another airline creates with Alaska Airlines and the financial benefit to local residents. However, at the time, I was vehemently unwilling to help keep a giant corporation around that failed to provide a reliable, professional service. In short, I was happy to pay more to fly Alaska if it meant that in the event of a problem, we d be well taken care of.

Like I said, we had endured more situations that were only serving to drive nails into a coffin containing our interest in flying with Delta ever again. The happy ending we had been seeking was finally realized when we were contacted by this unique Delta representative who was finally able to reconcile patiently, fairly and compassionately with us. The only tragedy of course being how long it took for this to happen.

To get to the point and make what could be another long, peculiar story short: we are happy to say that we will officially once again be flying with Delta Airlines, full of hope and enthusiasm. And should things fall apart again as they inevitably do in this industry, we are fully confident that any grievances will be heard, any extra expenditures appropriately acknowledged, and any suffering sufficiently validated. Cheers to looking forward to a seat amidst the Delta family, and an overdue welcome back to Alaska.

Derek Meister
Ketchikan, Alaska


About: "Local Resident and Renewed Delta Supporter"

Received September 13 , 2015 - Published September 15, 2015

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