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Federal income taxes

By Amerigo M Cimino


September 09, 2015
Wednesday PM

I am heartily in favor of the Fair Tax. Which I think is the only fair way to finance our Federal Government. The Fair Tax is Fair, because it treats every person as equals! There is no discrimination. as race; color; or creed! The Fair Tax is Blind, exactly as our figure of Justice!

That old phrase; "Seeing is believing", is certainly outmoded, and most commercials have doctored pictures!

Just imagine what the Fair Tax would do: First; it eliminates the Income Tax Code; AND, Eliminates ALL other Federal Taxes.

"Other"; Federal taxes include the "embedded taxes"! In studies of our Federal Taxing; embedded taxes, amount to 22%, of the costs of EVERYTHING! Consider the elimination of these Embedded Taxes; (22%),and then invoke the Fair Tax; (23%), There would be no appreciable increase in the cost of anything; Save for about 1%, under the present costs of all products.

Also imagine the number of Federal "Tax-Collectors"; that would be eliminated! The Fair Tax will be collected AND reported by Retailers; at no cost to the tax-payer! Federal Government "TAX-COLLECTORS" are also paid with tax dollars! The elimination of those jobs, will also save tax-payers, many dollars.
Under the Fair Tax; record keeping, will be un-necessary!

There will be NO withholding from a wage-earners pay-check; If a wage-earner's salary is $400.00 a week; their pay-check, will reflect $400.00, period. NO more "W-2's", NO more "1040's", and NO more April 15th, deadline, to "file" a tax return!
The Fair Tax; will eliminate all of the gathering of personal information from tax-payers! Under the Fair Tax, wage-earners will become "Private" citizens, again!

GOD Bless America!!

Amerigo M Cimino
Palm Coast, Florida


About: "A 91 year old. veteran of WW II; I am retired and spend all my time doing charitable services, I belong to several service organizations. I still drive my vehicles, and not afraid of the dark!"

Received August 29, 2015 - Published September 09, 2015

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