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Homes for Ketchikan's Homeless Animals
By Kathleen Stack


September 24, 2012
Monday PM

Ms. Cloud's letter is correct. The number of dogs and cats killed here in Ketchikan and elsewhere in one year is an abomination. It's public record and should be easily available and published.

There are at most times 3/4 million chihuahuas in rescues as well as every other breed and mix across the U.S. can get you any dog you want. I have two from the Chihuahua rescue and referral in Clear Lake, WA. and others that I adopted from the Ketchikan Shelter. One is from the recent rescue.

There is no such thing on this tiny island as a responsible breeder. It should be stopped. Statistics say 1 out of ten dogs may find a home. But how many of those are dropped off at a dog pounds a few months later or just dumped?

We have to look at how many we kill a year in Ketchikan. It is not easy for the Ketchikan Animal Control workers and sure not easy for our Veterinarians.

I look in the paper every day to see if an animal is still there. Then I check Animal Control's website to see if they were adopted. I care!

I knew Betty King from age six , she was my Hero. I do not think, I know it is irresponsible to breed. Male dogs that are not neutered, become full of anxiety by full adult hood and about age two can and will become aggressive if not neutered as they're not like the wolves that have an Alpha in a pack that only mates -- a dog has constant frustration. It's cruel. Neutering is a blessing so says Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer. He aired a case of a dog with much aggression due to frustration. Even by age two the aggressive dog's behavior had to be worked with before even being neutered or the dog would stay in that state. Was interesting.

I am at my maximum with pets right now but it seems, as one goes yet another finds me. I will always rescue, I will always get them fixed. Yup, tell me it's ok to not spay or neuter and how responsible you are! Look at and many other sites. There are thousands and thousands of homeless animals.

We kill here in Alaska every year. Go to other towns and look at their Animal Shelter's webpages in AK. The killing is in our face.

I do not like breeders, when you can get any breed any mix by the hundreds of thousands literally in rescues . Hundreds killed right here in Ketchikan every year. Convince Me!

If you really cared you would fix your pet and then go rescue some more. Many of us here have rescued the homeless cats and dogs and are broke due to keeping up all their medical needs and Vet bills.

No to breeders, in Ketchikan. I am very unhappy with seeing ongoing week after week more dogs and cats in our pound. No Homes.

I am owner of two rental properties. I rent to pet owners. I do not charge an extra fee. Every time I look at the classifieds I see "For Rent No Pets" . No pets most all.

We are a pet unfriendly town. If you have a renter that is responsible with pets, give them a chance . Take out the carpet. Have them sign a lease from hell. The ones that love their pet/s would pay any damage. I have had Renters from hell but not one of them had pets. Rent to pet owners. There is no place for pets here.

Rescue from anywhere. Adopt. Please Do Not Buy from Breeders.


Kathleen Stack
Ketchikan, AK

About: I am a responsible pet owner. I have rescued many animals for many years.

Received September 22, 2012 - Published September 24, 2012

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