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Phil Kerpen - Gueverra Picture
By Joe Ashcraft


September 21, 2012

The piece published by Sitnews which attempts to paint the EPA as evil because some unknowing underling put an image on an email should bring one to check the agenda of the writer. Kerpen now runs a new PAC which he will not deny is funded by the Kochs, as were his previous platforms.

The image of Guevara, enhanced from a photo by Alberto Korda, is one of the most commonly seen decorations in the world. It is now incorporated into the capitalist world on products from ice cream to T-Shirts. While Che is routinely mentioned in the U.S. as a murderer and a thug, he remains a hero to the the poor in the rest of the world. His idealism and his efforts on part of Latin American peasants exploited by foreign corporations, Angolan oil workers, Cuban sugar workers, and South American miners are remembered. Also remembered are the military and covert interventions which time and again thwarted democratically elected governments in their efforts to divide the profits generated by those poor more fairly. That the image is not appreciated by a culture of corporatism is understandable.

But it is extremely doubtful that the logic train and conspiracy that Kerpen tries to put together has even been contemplated. And if the Kochs were into solar power, hydro, and wind power; then we would probably see a different slant to the writings of their proxies.

Joe Ashcraft
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Owner of Seaport Telecom based in Ketchikan"

Received September 17, 2012 - Published September 21, 2012

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