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Re: Access to Fawn Mountain Track & Field
By Dawn Frizzell- Luna


September 15, 2012
Saturday PM

In reading the letters written by Peter Bolling and Joseph Craig Sr., I to have wonder about Handicapped Accessibility at Fawn Mountain Track & Field and why there is no access or accommodations for those with disabilities who are not able to walk up the stairs. There should be accessibility and accommodations for everyone not just those who can walk up the stairs. Is it not there for our students, athletes, etc. to use? What about our students and athletes who are disabled and can not walk up those stairs? What about a family member or friend who wants to go watch a game who is disabled and can not walk up those stairs? Are they suppose to sit in their car while everyone else enjoys the game and listen to the yells from the crowd when someone makes a touchdown, because there is no access for them? The field is beautiful and there was a lot of money spent on it so our community could enjoy it. The thing is, community should include everyone not just those who are able to walk up the stairs.

Below is part of a letter from April of 2010:

I looked around at all the people on that field today - the cheers of the fans, the smiles of the participants and I could feel the joy that our city will now experience when our children join football, soccer, track and know that we have a first class facility. "Would be nice to have a roof over our heads" I thought, but that's for another day.

Is Handicapped Accessibility for those who can not walk up the stairs also for another Day? Shouldn't people with disabilities be able to be a fan in the crowd cheering, be a participant with a smile on their face, or be part of a sport that the crowd is cheering for? Not if they can not walk up those stairs.

What would it take for Fawn Mountain Track & Field to become Handicapped Accessible and for there to be Accommodations so everyone in our community could enjoy Fawn Mountain Track & Field? All other sporting venues and facilities in our community are Handicapped Accessible, shouldn't Fawn Mountain Track & Field be to?

Dawn Frizzell- Luna
Ketchikan , AK

About: "I have been working with individuals with disabilities for 23 years."

Received September 14, 2012 - Published September 15, 2012

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