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Time for A New Congress
By Glen Terrell


September 10, 2012

Dear Editor,

It’s about to happen again.  Nation-wide, Congress has only a 10% approval rating yet we are about to RE-ELECT 90% OF THE INCUMBENTS!  How can this be?  The only explanation: 90% of us approve of our own representative but want everyone else to elect someone different.  

If this continues there will NEVER be meaningful change in Washington.  Things will always be the same; right up until our country collapses under the weight of debt and corruption.

Fellow Americans, we must do something different now.  You can only vote for/against, and possibly replace, one of the 435 members of the House.  Is your representative really worthy of being sent back to Washington?  If he/she has been there for 8 or more years it’s very likely he/she is part of the problem.  If one of your choices in November is a 8+ year incumbent, seriously consider voting for the challenger.  But you say, “The other candidate is a member of the other party and he’s pro this or that.”  A freshman representative of either party will do less harm than an entrenched incumbent.  In two years it will be easier to elect someone different and the country gets a new congress now!

Submitted by:

Glen Terrell
ggeett37 [at]
Arlington, TX



Received September 09, 2012 - Published September 10, 2012



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