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By Alan R. McGillvray


September 04, 2012
Tuesday PM

To: the Editor of Sitnews and Bob Pickrell,

I agree totally with Mr Pickrell about that stretch of highway, it is truly a 'miserable mile' with elevation changes great enough to throw a car traveling at speed, across the road and into oncoming traffic.

I consider us residents and other users of that POS section of road, extremely fortunate to have not been involved in a major accident on that one particular spot just before one drives past the new parking lot the construction company was good enough to leave there.

The money is there, let's use it instead of the Ketchikan Borough living off the interest that money generates. If I did not know better, perhaps I could accuse the borough assembly of malfeasance. That stretch of highway should have been at the top of the list of places to improve. With all those funds we (the borough) received from the State, one could make the mistake I suppose, for assuming that in order to obtain re-election more easily and point to it as something accomplished during their administration, the people on the assembly would have put that section at the top of the list of projects to be done, and quickly. However that doesn't seem to be so.

I guess we really are the idiots, the borough assembly thinks we are.

Yours in collective idiocy,

Alan R. McGillvray
Ketchikan, AK

P.S. I am more of a South Tongass sort so I never paid much attention to the condition of the 'miserable mile' except those few times I would travel out N. Tongass to visit.


About: "Long-time Ketchikan and Alaska resident, I commiserate with Bob Pickrell about the Miserable Mile

Received August 28, 2012 - Published September 04, 2012

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