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Entitlement Programs We can do Without
By Michael Spence


September 26, 2011
Monday PM

Five entitlements the American taxpayers can do without :

1.The Entitlement of large corporations and labor unions to buy public policy through unlimited political contributions, leaving most Americans out of the political process.

2.The Entitlement of the wealthiest Americans to pay a lesser percentage income tax than ordinary workers, while consuming the same or greater public funding.

3.The Entitlement of large politically connected companies to have exemptions from anti trust law, environmental law, and other laws that most other businesses and citizens have to abide by.

4.The Entitlement of our Representatives in the United States Congress to have single payer health care and retirement benefits while leaving ordinary citizens at the mercy of profiteering health insurance and financial brokerage companies.

5.The Entitlement of a handful of executives of too big to fail banks and financial firms to collect billions of dollars in personal bonuses from publicly-funded bailouts after they mismanaged their firms.

Elimination of these Entitlements would cut the federal government deficit and make free enterprise in America a reality instead of a phony pretension.

Michael Spence
Ketchikan, AK

About: "long time ketchikan resident"

Received September 19, 2011 - Published September 26, 2011


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