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Vote for a plan not a statement of what "we need
By Ed "Mongo" Fry


September 17, 2011

Greetings Borough residents,

After reading the Ketchikan Daily News with the forum that was hosted with the Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce and the candidates that were present, it is "status quo" for the Ketchikan Borough Assembly, again.  No new news there other than bombastic statements of, "we need".  If you happen to search past candidate speeches and statements, it is the platform of the majority, "we need".  Unacceptable in my book and Ketchikan deserves better.

By the way, the reserve fund and land trust? There is three million in the account, where is the other millions; spent on one's own agenda?  I don't think I would want my name associated with questionable transactions that were done regardless of residential objection to fruitless spending.  Oh! The claim of the lower mil rate may be true, but that anticipated tax reduction was only offset by higher property values in a recession making residents pay more on the tax bill.  So let's all go for a high five on that one!

Well, it is not a perception of what we need, we residents already know what we need, a perception that fits to be asked it is "how are you going to get us there"?  Again, no plan on how, just statements of "we need" and Ketchikan deserves leadership that breaks away from status quo, stale thinking.  Who is the one that takes the systematic approach to fix the system that is catering to some, and not all involved?

Disappointing voter turnout has been identified at the polls. It is the belief that the registered voters that do not vote, and I for one am also guilty of it, think that my vote would not make or break an election.  As I do feel more responsibility to cast my vote, those that don't should because we residents do have a vested stake in this second class government system.

If you don't vote, you can still complain!  If you do vote, you are trying to be a part of the solution!

In closing, remember to get out and vote, if you do not like the candidates, write in candidates do count!  But be mindful that the Borough has adopted the "Miller write in challenge" meaning that if you do not spell the person's name correctly, the vote does not count.  Although I do understand, it is splitting hairs on understanding what the voters intent was when they wrote the name in the blank.  Hence, a slap to our beloved education system (as some contend is broken beyond repair and that is another issue for discussion).  

Let teachers teach and stop the political jockeying on what they need in order to be a successful at education of our youth!

Vote with your brain, not your emotion, vote or the one(s) that have a plan.

Lead, follow, or move out of the way!  Break the "status quo" and expect more from your government leaders.


Ed "Mongo" Fry
Pond Reef Resident
Ketchikan, AK


Received September 12, 2011 - Published September 17, 2011



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