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Bullying at Morning Bus Stops
By Amber Anderson


September 17, 2011

Kids are easy targets to bullying if adult supervision is lacking at bus stops. Elementary children are being bullied in the morning at both bus stops in front of the Ketchikan Rec Center. I have a group of kids telling me that a boy across the street is verbally abusing them. The language is very offensive from what the young ladies are reporting to me.

I'm not there early and a lot transpires before I get there. It seems to fizzle out once a few parents arrive. I asked a young lady if she has told her parents about this boy and she said she was going to, but didn't because it was too late. I told her that she should tell them anyway and that I would keep an eye on him while I'm there.

After my kids' bus arrived I crossed the street to head back home and wanted to let the boy know that I'm aware and watching. Although, before I could get there he was running up to a group of kids and had a fist of one boy's sweatshirt. I approached the group and told the boy that I hoped he was not being a bully to these boys, let him know that many of the other kids are complaining about him and that if he continues with this behavior he will be getting himself in trouble. These other boys proceeded to tell me that this boy is not nice to them and one boy told me that he had injured him the other day at school. I talked with these boys for a minute before heading home. I can't stay there and supervise this bus stop because I have an infant to get back home. That leaves 10 or more kids unsupervised until their bus arrives.

Parents these problems are ongoing, please talk with your children and/or make an appearance at these bus stops. I will be watching and listening for the 10 minutes or less that I am there. If this situation continues I will be contacting the principal and/or the police.

Amber Anderson
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Mother of 5. Three ride the school bus. My kids have been catching the bus at this stop for over 3 years. "

Received September 16, 2011 - Published September 17, 2011



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