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Economic disaster
By Robert McRoberts


September 02, 2011
Friday PM

Yep, we are ruining the earth. We have destroyed everything in our path. Why are we teaching kids to recycle but not doing it ourselves? We ship our garbage to Washington and they sort it out and ship it to China so they can build garbage to send back.

We have shut down all things that have created jobs because some spoiled people thought it was ugly. We are fed so much bull! on how we are ruining the world. Why do we have any fish left in our streams if a gold mine is bad? Did the gold rush 120 years ago not turn over every rock in every stream and silt up every river from California to way past the Yukon? But yet we still had record runs up until the last few years of all these regulatory restriction. Why are there still fish in the streams the loggers of the 50's and 60's destroyed? Why is logging so bad -- our forest are so thick we can not walk through them. Mud slides happen were loggers have never logged.

Who's teaching this garbage? Why is it so easy for people who never worked but spent years in schools to sit in trees and stop people that need to work to feed their families? These are the workers who pay taxes to protect them from having the cutter fall the trees they sit in.

We have now created generations of people that don't even want to work. We need to assert the understanding that we can log our trees and mine our gold and do it in ways that are not any worse to our world than the environment is.

Would we be worse off if we used the product in a sensible way and used every thing out of a tree?

The rock from the mines can build the roads, the waste from the wood can be turned in to heat for buildings, burning it mixed with our food waste to heat water to produce steam to create power for our lights.

Why do we have less people and demand more power? Funny when the pulp mill was running we had too much power and it could run the town.

We would rather stop something than make good use out of what we have in fear someone might get rich thinking about it. Maybe because this country turns out more lawyers than engineers. We spend more time suing someone over a spilled cup of coffee than trying to figure out how to keep our people in this county working. We have created so many laws that protect the ones that should get off their butts and take care of their own families.

We have allowed our unions to get so strong they are forcing other countries to out produce us with crap. Remember when we were into quality rather than quantity. When we bought a car, it lasted. Remember the motorcycle that damn near ran for ever if we took care of it? You could fix it with WD40 and a crescent wrench. Yep, we need to get back to producing and being proud of what we make and what we do.

Yesterday I dealt with some local government workers that didn't care about anything but getting a pay check. That's how government has gotten. The heck with our community just give me the money attitude.

Yet let's build projects that are out dated just because we can get a grant. And then say, but look what I got and built a 15 million dollar library no one will use, but we built it. We could have broken down small projects to keep small businesses working.

Why not just fix the thing that are broken and give the citizens a break on the cost of living in our community. Why is it that the tourist money is not going in to small rest rooms around harbors that the small builders can bid on? The tourist would use them too. Why do we have to over designed and engineer every thing like the fire hall that doesn't fit in? Why do we not use common sense? Why do we hire so many head people at high wages that know nothing about the workings of our areas? Why are we not training more workers in school to move up and lead our community? Sorry, but our fire chiefs should be locals. Our police chiefs the same - sure we may have to train them. Most of our city engineers are not even from here.

Maybe we have sold are souls or we just don't think. We give no hope for the children in our community. Our teachers are not even from here.

It seems as if we are just stupid, Well I know we're not. We just sit back and hope it will get better. No one want to be the one to speak up and stand out. Well that's just how I feel, and I'm speaking up.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan AK

About: "Just a local that sees us being pushed out of town by high taxes and

Received September 01, 2011 - Published September 02, 2011



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