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Fire Trucks & Ambulances
By Connie Williams


September 02, 2011
Friday PM

Chris Elliott has a valid question, and it should be answered.  I have never understood this practice, except that after moving to the lower 48, where this practice is also done, I’ve learned, at least down here, each personnel that responds get paid for a call out.  So, when a call comes in to 911, and the closest team responds, they send just about everyone on site, so that everyone gets call out pay, and you get about a $1,200.00 bill.

Here’s another question Ketchikan.  If a call comes in from the west-end, why is the response coming from the downtown station?  Calls from downtown, the west-end responds.  Doesn’t make sense when you think that the reason we built the west-end station was to improve response time to the west-end area.

Connie Williams
Tahuya, WA


About: "Former Ketchikan Resident "

Received August 31, 2011 - Published September 02, 2011

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