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Where is Stella? Cold Case Unit Seeking Clues


September 27, 2010

Bethel, Alaska - Stella Evon was 17 years old when she last walked out of her sister's apartment in Bethel, Alaska. Standing just shy of five feet tall, the young Yupik Eskimo girl vanished without a trace in the early morning of September 26, 1996.
jpg Where is Stella? Cold Case Unit Seeking Clues

As the years passed, Evon's sister continued to look for her. She isn't the only one searching for answers. The Bethel Police Department filed its case on Evon with the Alaska State Troopers' Cold Case Unit last fall. It has since caught the attention of Cold Case Investigator Jim Gallen.

"She didn't just disappear. You don't go missing in a place like Bethel without someone knowing something," said Investigator Gallen. "My hope is that whoever has the information we need to find Stella Evon comes forward so we can bring her family peace."

Evon was out with friends the night before she disappeared. She had tried to go home but when she arrived she found the door locked and she couldn't get her Grandma to wake up to let her in. She and her Grandma lived across the street from the Bethel Police Department. As she was out past curfew and couldn't get inside her home, Evon went to the police department for help.

The officer also tried to get someone to answer the door of Evon's home. After the failed attempt, the officer decided to take Evon to her sister's place. He drove Evon to BNC apartments where her sister lived in a studio unit. It was about 4:30 in the morning when the officer left her in her sister's care.

Evon had no intention of staying at the studio apartment with her sister. Within an hour of arriving, Evon decided to leave. She was last seen by her sister walking down the street in the dark autumn morning. While it is unknown what happened after Evon walked away, law enforcement maintains that her disappearance is highly suspicious.

Evon was wearing a blue hooded Georgetown sweatshirt underneath a brown leather jacket. She also donned a pair of jeans and black shoes. She was 4'11" inches tall and weighed 100 pounds in 1996. She had black hair and brown eyes. Both of her ears were double pierced.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Stella Evon, please contact Cold Case Investigator Jim Gallen or Investigator Tim Hunyor at 907-269-5511.


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