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Joe Miller
By Sheila Gwizda


September 30, 2010
Thursday AM

I realize that politics can be a nasty business and running for office, unfortunately, can get ugly. Sometimes when one candidate attacks another, it s not only necessary to defend a position or character, but sometimes to counter it with his or her own assault. But, I d like to share one interesting observation with you.

Of the candidates for the U.S. Senate, I noticed Joe Miller never initiated the attacks. Yes, he did counter, dropped the matter, and then returned to a positive, issue-based campaign, even though the other candidates continued to hammer away at trivial points. I admire that quality in Mr. Miller. Thank you, sir!

I can only presume that fine character trait came from Mr. Miller s training as a gentleman at West Point and rural upbringing. It certainly shows. His combat record and decorations clearly indicates that he s very capable of fighting for my rights as a citizen, as well as defending our state and country. We need that quality.

I also appreciate the tough decisions Mr. Miller is willing to tackle. Instead of telling us what sounds pleasant, he has the courage to discuss the problems our country faces and, as our senator, how he intends to resolve those concerns. Unfortunately, few voters want to hear that.

I m certain Mr. Miller is not naïve that telling voters what they want to hear, if it brings an immediate benefit to them, will garner votes. And there s nothing to stop him from doing so. But he doesn t. Bravo, Mr. Miller!

Our Nation is broke and Mr. Miller has the intestinal fortitude to face the real issues. As a candidate, that s a tough row to hoe. It takes guts to tell voters that we need to get back to basics and tighten our belts, as JFK did, instead of telling us what we want to hear.

Mr. Miller, thank you for your brave service to our country and for being a courageous gentleman in the race for the U.S. Senate. It hasn't gone unnoticed. You have my vote, support, and donation.

Sheila Gwizda
Fairbanks, AK

About: "I am an Alaskan, a wife, and a mother, and I am very concerned about the direction of this country. "

Received September 29, 2010 - Published September 30, 2010



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