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Enough already
By Sue Ellen Smith


September 30, 2010
Thursday AM

When will there be enough comments made about Ketchikan General Hospital? Everyone has a right to their own opinion, and usually those that do have one make it known to all that will listen. I think way too much is being said. But after some thought and looking at the comments made I figured I should put my two cents in.

Some have had good experiences and some have had not so good. I have been there myself several times, and received good service in a timely fashion, but I have also been there, and been berated by a Doctor for questioning why I sat in the waiting room for two hours and then again in a room for two hours and not had a soul come in to see if I was all right, nor to explain that there was an emergency he had to take care of. Instead he got irate and was not going to see me, because I was so upset. From where I sit, this Doctor has no business seeing patients if he does not have the compassion required for work in the emergency room of a hospital. As a patient I really did not care how stressed he was. That's part of his job in my opinion. I will not say anymore about my visit there as it may give way to his knowing I complained and then needing to go to the emergency room and be confronted by the same Doctor.

Maybe it's time the Nurses, Nun or the Director of the Hospital gave the Staff a lesson in Anger Management, or Patient Compassion.

Sue Ellen Smith
Ketchikan, AK

Received September 29, 2010 - Published September 30, 2010



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