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Language of common sense
By Ken Lewis


September 30, 2010
Thursday AM

Dr. Sarah Elaine Eaton & Donald A Moskowitz debate the need for multi languages and I can't help but laugh. Here is a quick true story, and funny as heck. My mom retired the President of a business, I will leave nameless. Decades prior to that she owned a medical admin service in California before it was bankrupt, taking dictation and all that silly stuff. She was the go-to administrator of a man who owned the first floor of South Bay Hospital in Southern Cal. That meant emergency room, Radiology and multi other sections.

So here is when it gets funny. She is a work-o-holic her whole life. She retires to San Diego. Because she is bored, she answers the call for volunteers at a major hospital, willing to give them help for nothing! She was told because she spoke English only, they could not use her. You must laugh at stuff like this because its absurdly funny. When pseudo intellectuals with 1/4 of her knowledge about medical services do not except free help based on Bi-Ability? Well that is a another language in itself, spoken in the land of Do-Do Ka-Ka-Head Land. There's some good English for you.

Ken Lewis
Ketchikan, AK

Received September 29, 2010 - Published September 30, 2010


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