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By Charles Edwardson


September 28, 2010
Tuesday AM

I encourage people to save their news articles and pay a little attention to some recently published stories and advertisements. .Look back and compare related stories.

One recent story reports the drop out rate down to 1%. This is ABSOLUTELY miraculous and we're not even through the first semester yet, wow!

And on Monday... VOTE YES ON PROPOSITION 3 (reminiscent of the classic Kevin Costner movie Field of Dreams). If you push it,, it will come. I mean "build it" -- let's build it then it will come "the money". No wait let's first decide where to put it,, then buy the land, then build it, then find the money. no wait let's just do it all at the same time and see what happens. The sequencing is all out of whack any way. Just throw another bond issue out there,I hope that's not where we are headed. historically they do pass whether it's a good idea or not.

It sounds as if we voted on a place for a library before we have the money to build a library. We still haven't been asked if we (need) a new library. I've been wrong before I've been told - hopefully I'm wrong again. Now we're going to be asked to vote to hopefully receive a 50% match from the state of up to 5 MILLION. An advertisement eludes to that we ( Ketchikan ) have 5 Million in grants and donations but as I read the advertisement closer it states over 5 million will be grants (or) donations -- from who? Do we have the match or not? And if not, why not wait till we do? If you read the advertisement it's now or never -- ever , ever, ever. We have to build it now or we lose EVERYTHING. Very alarming , we better hurry and build that darn thing.

It just does not seem that everything but the location has really been thought through.

Charles Edwardson
Ketchikan, AK


Received September 27, 2010 - Published September 28, 2010



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