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Voters Should Be Closely Scrutinizing Senator Murkowski's Motives
By Myla Poelstra


September 24, 2010
Friday AM

The recent shakeup in Alaska's political arena from the surprising results of our primary election are bringing some interesting pictures into focus and disturbing questions to mind. Senator Murkowski's obviously unexpected loss, and subsequent decision to pursue a write in campaign after promising to respect the will of the people of Alaska by showing her support for the Republican nominee, has caused many to question her judgment and integrity.

Further jeopardizing her position and credibility as someone who claims to be sincerely looking out for the interests and well being of Alaska is her unreasonable, determined pursuit of the highly contentious Sealaska Lands Bill. A recently released letter from nine Southeast Alaska towns asking the Bureau of Land Management to quickly proceed forward with conveyance of the lawful withdrawal area selections Sealaska Corporation has had on file with their office for over two years, brings into question the relevance or necessity of this divisive legislation.

Why would Senator Murkowski push forward with such one sided determined effort at the risk of her own political career? A large majority of those living and working in Southeast Alaska have repeatedly implored her to withdraw this destructive bill. This economically fragile area of our state desperately needs closure on this issue after nearly a decade of turmoil. How can further polarization of the region be in the best interest of the state or it's people?

This weekend she launched her write in candidacy by announcing Mr. Byron Mallot, board member for Sealaska Corporation, as co-chair of her campaign. Senator Kookesh, Sealaska Board Chairman, was also present to endorse her pursuit of a goal that has no clear beneficial purpose. She has resigned from the positions she held in the Senate that would have made her a valuable representative, and stands to loose other important seats on committees that have made her an asset to our state. Her efforts can only result in splitting the vote, making it difficult for any candidate to win a majority in November.

What can possibly be pushing Senator Murkowski forward on this wantonly destructive path? No defensible reason comes to mind. It's certainly not in the best interest of her party. The self destructive behavior these decisions exhibit does not make this voter feel confident in her judgment or ability to represent the State of Alaska as a member of our congressional delegation.

Myla Poelstra
Edna Bay, AK


Received September 22, 2010 - Published September 24, 2010



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