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Fire Stations
By Stephanie Sherva


September 21, 2010

It's been a long time coming, but the city is finally getting a new Downtown Fire Station. Too bad it doesn't fit the locale. Downtown has spent tons of tax dollars making itself look "old" and now they want a red and gray, modern, all angled building in the center of Downtown. Didn't any one consider the surrounding area and all the time and money spent to impress the Tourist with the "old fishing and logging town" feel? Where was the Historical Commission when all this was in the planning stages? They have no problem getting the rest of Downtown into the historical mode. As long as the inside of the building meets all the requirements of the Fire Department, why can't the outside have an "old Ketchikan" look and feel?

Sometimes I feel the City of Ketchikan has a major Schizophrenic problem. One side wants one thing and the other side wants something different, and therefore, the public never quite gets what they would like. I've lived here 45 years and I guess I should be used to this kind of situation, but I'll keep trying to remain optimistic.

While I'm on the subject of Fire Stations, don't forget to vote "YES" for the North Tongass Fire Station expansion. I know it's a lot of money, but it won't be any cheaper, nor will we get this great an offer, in the future. This is one place where our tax dollar should be spent.

Stephanie Sherva
Ward Cove, AK


Received September 18, 2010 - Published September 21, 2010


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