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Support Joe Miller
By Liz Williams


September 21, 2010

I am unable to understand why it is wrong for Joe Miller to take out of state funds but okay for Sen. Lisa Murkowski to do so.  There is nothing illegal about the funding in either case.  While some of the funding for both Murkowski and Mr. Miller came from out of state, 100% of the votes came from Alaskans.  The majority of the voters in the Republican primary picked Joe Miller to represent them in the General election.  Republicans have a closed primary so that their members, not the members of the opposition, elect the representative who they believe will most closely represent their views in Congress. 

Murkowski called Joe Miller an extremist, we think Mr. Miller is a Conservative who will vote for a smaller more fiscally responsible Government and less taxes.  We think Mr. Miller would, while serving in Congress, make the best decisions, not only for Alaska, but also the Nation as a whole.   We think Murkowski is a big Government, politics as usual candidate, and that is why Murkowski was not chosen.  So when Murkowski calls Joe Miller names, do remember, that you are also calling all the people of Alaska who voted for him names also.

One of the great things about our system of Government is the peaceful transition of power.  No one likes to lose but only one candidate can win, the loser should accept defeat, since it is the will of the majority of voters, and go with dignity.   Murkowski's effort to make an end run around the primary results because they are not in her favor and retain her power at any cost, is not for the electorate, they have spoken.  Murkowski's renewed efforts for re-election are entirely for her.

Murkowski's behavior shows that the voters were correct in their assessment of her values.  At this point a vote for Murkowski is also a vote for Scott McAdams.

Liz Williams
Saltery Cove, AK


Received September 19, 2010 - Published September 21, 2010


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