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Open Letter to Ketchikan Police: School Zones
By Amber Anderson


September 21, 2010

I wanted to express my appreciation for your presence in the Schoenbar school zone this morning (09/20/21). It was nice to see a lot of cars tapping their breaks and stopping for kids in the crosswalks. I've lived on this bend for 3 years and have been frustrated with the lack of concern for children walking to school and bus stops. My children and I have often been nearly hit by people in a rush and/or on their cell phones. This is not something I thought I had to worry about when we bought our home here. I was naive in thinking it would be a safe walk since we live in a school zone.

It always brings a smile to our faces to see you present in the school zones. It sends a reminder to people to slow down and watch for kids. I thank you and the kids thank you. You had a bus stop full of cheering kids this morning. Thanks for sending the message that you care about their safety.

Amber Anderson
Ketchikan, AK

About: " I'm a mother that has lived Schoenbar Road for three years. I walk my kids to the bus stop every school day."

Received September 20, 2010 - Published September 21, 2010



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